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newbie introduction

1) Name: Deth Wilson
2) Age: 24
3) Gender: female
4) General location: central Mississippi [arm/monticello/stumptown area]
5) Name three music artists, three movies, and three books that you like (if any): [artists] salvador dali, otep shamaya & rob zombie [movies] prey for rock & roll, high fidelity & the crow [books] queen of the damned/anne rice, thief of always/clive barker & eyes of the dragon/stephen king
6) Hobbies/interests: music, reading, poetry, horror movies, coffeehouses, poetry readings, eyeliner... check my journal if you really want to know more about me
7) What you would like to do or are doing as a career: like to work in a record store... I blame it on watching movies like "high fidelity" & "empire records" for giving me the idea.
8) Any other miscellaneous info you'd like to share: I recently got married Jan. 21, 2006 to "my high school sweetheart" lol I couldn't help but say it that way. I'm one of the few cases where 2 people find true love while in high school. lame but true. j/k
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