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Ten Ten Rocks ^__^

1) Name: Desiray (or Desi or Des)
2) Age: 24 (almost ^_~)
3) Gender: Girl
4) General location: Upstate NY
5) Name three music artists, three movies, and three books that you like (if any): Music - David Bowie (is a freakin' god!), My Chemical Romance.... for number three there are too many ties.... Blink 182, Good Charlotte.... I can't make a decision.
Movies - The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Nightmare Before Christmas, and again I can't make a decision for number three.
Books: No real favorites, but I love most things by Dean Koonts and Laurell K. Hamilton
6) Hobbies/interests: Hobbies include, writing fiction (I dabble. Or I try. I mostly just write to entertain myself or friends). Vampires, werewolves, anything supernatural really I find interesting.
7) What you would like to do or are doing as a career: Write. I'd love to have something publish but I don't have the guts to submit anything.
8) Any other miscellaneous info you'd like to share: Libras rock. Not only is my boyfriend a October-born Libra baby (10/14) but one of my dogs is as well (10/7).
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